The socio-economic dilemma from covid-19

Covid-19 has obstructed our daily lives , created greater socio-economic divide and according to UN , will spur the world in to greater depths of poverty than in existence till now.Though the virus carries significant risk of death than a normal flu, it is fair to say that it has affected certain sections of the population more than the other. For people in the lowest tiers of the income chain ,it is a matter of survival.

‘Survival of the fittest’, India’s current condition could not be described any better.But fitness here is a metaphor implying more than simply physical fitness.Those who had fed off scraps from the wealthy ,find it difficult to survive more than ever , as everyone has literally gone in hiding.Voluntary donations and help has crumbled.As the rich has continued stocking food supplies and started working from home , resources for the needy has dwindled.

For someone , living with 6 family members in the slums of Mumbai, the idea of social distancing is nothing but a bad joke.Clearly India’s covid-19 has only exposed the greater socio-economic divide it faces.The initial measures to contain the virus like imposing one of the most stringent lockdown measures across the world, only delayed the inevitable.So far the govt has completely failed to contain the virus, and the number of infections are growing rampant by the day, and would take a couple of months to reach its peak.

In a time where the public health infrastructure is now being tested to its limit, especially in the big cities, one can only seem to linger what the underprivileged must be going through.Sure its easy to abide by social distancing or work from home policies , when you have deposits enough to cover for the next decade.Most of the Indian middle class and rich have grown completely oblivious of the lower tiers of the social setup, the group that makes up about 70 percent of India’s population.In fact, if we are being more forth-coming, all of the govt’s policies till now since the arrival of the virus has been purely focused on the Indian middle class.

The govt’s attitude can be observed the way they implemented the lockdown, which created ruckus for the informal working sector.The fact that it took intervention from the SC to to take plight of the situation and force the govt to arrange travel measures for the stranded migrant workers says it all.When we look back , this era will be remembered for the bitter hardships faced by the migrants.

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