civant meladerm cream for hyperpigmentation
civant meladerm cream for hyperpigmentation

Civant Meladerm

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Civant Meladerm is a skin cream ,used to treat hyperpigmentation formulated in US by Civant Skin Care, through years of dedicated research and continuous experimentation.It is accepted and used by people worldwide for treatment for a lot of dermal issues resulting in promising and good results for almost 85 percent of its users.Meladerm is the go to cream for hyperpigmentation according to most of its users with absolutely no side effects ever reported  leaving it one of the most positively reviewed products in the skin care industry.


People looking to seek an effective treatment for pigmentation on your face need to look no further.Meladerm is an effective remedy for the following issues related to skin:

  • dark patches of skin commonly referred as hyperpigmentation
  • discolored patches of skin during pregnancy or melasma
  • acne marks
  • scars from injury
  • pigmentation in underarms
  • dark spots or age spots
  • suntans
  • uneven skin tone across the body

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Disclaimer: Meladerm cream is not in anyway a medicine or a drug that can be used as substitute for dermal treatment. It is only a cosmetic skin cream.Any application on the skin is subject to personal risks associated with the person's skin type and other medical conditions he/she has.


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    Product vendor Civant skin Care
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    What type of ingredients are used ?

    Ingredients used in the formulae are completely natural and vegan.It does not contain any harmful chemicals or metals.

    key ingredients include bearberry fruit, emblica fruit, lemon, vitmain c, vitamin b3,licorice roots,kojic acid, alpha arbutin,mulberry, gigawhite , symwhite, sepiwhite.

    About Meladerm®

    What does meladerm do for skin exactly?

    Melanin or melanosomes , are the organelles or cells in our body that gives the color to pigment to our skin and hair.An increase or excess production of melanin in the skin due to outside causes like suntan, injury, pregnancy will lead to darkening of skin.Ingredients like kojic acid and alpha arbutin has properties that can inhibit the production of melanin to a great extend thus leading to reduced pigmentation.

    What makes it better than other skin care products?

    Civant has taken extreme and cautious steps in the prepation of the cream including preservation of the ingredients with maximum care.The company has made sure that the contents are not in any way deteriorated due to outside forces like air , moisture or sunlight, giving the customer an A grade quality product.Another thing to mention is that all the preservatives that are chosen are completely tolerable for the skin and does not cause itching or ther sorts of irritation.

    Instructions for application

    Apply on the face twice a day in the morning and evening.

    Can also be applied once but for better results it is recommended to use it twice daily.

    Avoid directly facing the sun after apllication

    Leave it on skin for as long as possible and don't rinse off immediately after applying.