Civant Meladerm Review:for melasma and black skin type

After using it for about 6 months, I have decided to write a review on Civant meladerm, one of the most widely know pigmentation creams.

It is formulated by a company called Civant Skin Care based in the US.

Before we start , I just want to give a little quick introduction, My name is Mohammed, I am 23 years old and a native of kerala located to the south of India.

My skin is oily and more in the shade of a light brown , with patches of acne and dark spots all over my face.

This way my review may seem more relatable to a lot of dark skinned or black skinned people.

Most people are really doubtful about the effectiveness of meladerm on their skin and I see a lot of queries based on skin tone like, “does meladerm work for black skin” and all.If you are one of them , then this post is for you.

I am a guy who is in to skincare a lot.I love trying new products but only organic and natural ones.

You could say I am a little skin obsessed.

Its kind of ironic finding men who care about skin considering the stereotypes associated with men and skin care.

Yes we do exist, but my usual skin care routines only involve slight exfoliation and moisturization ,Nothing too fancy.

I have been trying to treat my acne scars for a long time now ,thats how I ended up with meladerm.

I read a lot of reviews on it online, the pricing was reasonable too and so i felt i should try it once.

But there seemed to be a lot of over expectations and misconceptions concerning the product, which i felt really need to be addressed.

Most users go for it thinking it is a magical cure.

As someone who has finished up about 7 bottles , yeah its true ,

I feel embarrassed actually , like a man who cares for his skin so much , I felt a need to clear this misunderstanding and

that is the primary reason behind writing this post.

This way I can sound genuine and not like some random product marketer.

I just want to say to you people , thanks a lot for reading this article and Please give a comment if you like it ,

it would really mean a lot to me and possibly i can write better articles in future.

This is going to be an in-depth review ,

I will be talking about everything from the origin and composition of meladerm as well as its usage and effectiveness.So might take a few minutes.

civant meladerm review in parts

Since this is a pretty big review,I have narrowed the content down through the following links for the ease of getting your common queries related to meladerm answered.

1. what is meladerm cream used for?

2. Does meladerm cream really work?

3. How long does it take for meladerm to work on your skin?

4. Is meladerm a bleaching cream?

5. Are the results from this cream permanent?

6.Where to buy Meladerm in India?

Meladerm Cream: Origin and Composition

The skin care industry has grown quite a lot with time particularly after the internet boom.

People are more connected now a days and there seem to be a lot of mediums for putting out content , whether informational or promotional.

Plus a lot of the masses particularly women have become obsessed with skin care ,

may be due to increase in these so called beauty/fashion influencers.

Stereotyping is bad because there are indeed a lot of men like me out there,

Plus everybody wants to feel accepted and validated, they want to look their best like their favourite stars/actors contributing to the growth of the make up industry.

Nothing wrong in doing a little bit of makeup here and there as long as you don’t look like a synthetic wax figure.

Apart from the cliche make up type of stuff there has been a rise in skin lightening or whitening products.Its a bit segmented and its users are mostly people who suffer from severe skin burns or discolorations or such type of issues.

This is where our cream , Meladerm comes in to play.

Civant dates back to 1999 when it was formed.The motto behind the formation of the company was to come up with a solution for a lot of people who were suffering from the glaring issue of hyperpigmentation.

Yep their founders were skin care specialists so deeply and intensely motivated to address pigmentation  andprovide something for the people suffering from this particular issue a viable and effective solution that is completely natural and that goes by the principle ‘do no harm’.

Indeed they were able to come up with just that and ‘MELADERM’ was the answer.

A formulation crafted so nicely and versatile enough for multiple skin types and priced reasonably as well.

Their product is supported by clinical research and it translated in to great results.

meladerm pros :

  •  one of the best creams for hyperpigmentation
  •  Lightens dead skin cells and revitalizes skin
  •  causes fading of scars
  •  can be used on almost all parts of the body for evened skin tone
  • 100 % natural with Visible improvements
  •  Suitable for oily and mixed skin types
  •  Reasonable pricing

meladerm cons:

  •  Causes mild irritation on dry skin
  •  Takes almost a month for visible improvements
  •  Continuous usage needed for more permanent results


First of all before we go in to the ingredients list, I want to clear up the common misconceptions concerning Meladerm.

Meladerm is a skin lightening cream and not a skin whitening or bleaching cream.

This is very important because skin lightening/brightening is different from skin whitening.

The very goal behind using lightening products is clearing up your dead skin cells and pigmented skin and may be help it to promote the growth of newer cells resulting in more evened skin.

Lightening is a common practice among everyone as its just another way of getting the full  power of your skin to shine through.

Just be conscious of what you are putting on and nothing beats it than conducting your own research.

Remember we come from nature and think of our skin is a natural being.If you flush it with chemicals then its going to retaliate and you wouldn’t want that.

So opt for organic and trusted ones.

But if you are in for it thinking its somehow going to magically whiten your natural color , get over it and accept yourself as who you are instead of being obsessed with getting something unnatural.

There may be a lot of tablets and pills that may provide you with false promises , trust me you are better off not going that path.

Real happiness lies in contentment.

Why I Recommend Meladerm:

 Why I recommend meladerm , well its a simple answer ,because it works , its safe and it does not come at the cost of anything.

Skin Lightening creams have come in to more contention within the last decade ,

with a lot of companies taking advantage of the situation , and selling creams that make false promises that it will change you by 8 shades.

Get some sense people, if you want to change yourself 10 shades, only way is to go artificial, and replace your outer skin.

No cream in the world can do it for you, and if it does it won’t be natural.

A lot of Africans are obsessed with skin whitening , it has a lot to do with how the outside world or the media portrays skin color. These advertisements on fairness creams show like fairer skin is supposed to be confident and dark skin is bad.My advice : don’t listen to ’em , these are just marketing hype created for selling out , just learn to accept yourself the way you are. It can go a long way towards developing that confidence than chasing fairer skin.

Bleaching is not really a good practice.After bleaching your skin may seem a lot whiter but will be more susceptible to sun damage.

You could end up with more bloched and irritated skin plus some people have experienced skin changing in to grey color from using just 2% hydroquinone creams.

Its mainly because of reduced blood circulation in your face caused by the damage to melanin producing cells.

HYDROQUINONE is actually banned in the US by the Food and Drug Administration.

But over the counter medications  containing hydroquinone are still prevalent outside US especially in countries like India.Never go for creams that contain hydroquinone. It creates more problem than it solves.

I have been using meladerm for almost half a year now. And indeed I have seen promising results so far.

I would like to mention that this cream is not a skin bleacher or anything and in not anyway a substitute for dermatologic treatment from certified professionals.

Surprisingly it was one of the most rare skin care products that has given me no irritation of sorts,and I really love the fact that it’s completely made of natural ingredients and does not contain hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone had caused one of my deepest nightmares ,when I had almost grey colored skin  , as I wasn’t informed much about it when I used a 2% topical cream a while before.

Then I learned about it and I realized what a stupid decision it was not conducting my own proper research before going for a product.

I still regret that to this day.As a result I had to be really patient for my skin to recover.

And meladerm was one of my choices to tone my skin back.

I am happy to say that the cream has worked for me to an extend where my dark patches are a lot less visible, but still they are there.It might take a long while to get rid of them completely.What I’m trying to say is meladerm really works.

The above images are snippets of civant meladerm reviews published on the manufacturer website.

It may seem rigged at first as all you can see is five star reviews , but these are written by real people not bots.I wrote my review and even though it wasn’t rated high , it was published instantly and I have consulted with multiple users as well.

The point is the reviews above are honest and unbiased. There are a lot of negative reviews as well.Civant maintains a really transparent policy on customer experience.To be honest the 2nd line sums it up , It doesn’t make miracles , but you will love it.

Most of these users are people suffering from acute hyperpigmentation or melasma and there are a total of 193 reviews published on their website , considering the fact that not everybody writes their opinion. The product is rated on average at 4.1/5 .

From that figure we can hypothesize that about 82 % of meladerm users get positive and satisfactory results. For me that’s good enough.

Meladerm does not contain any steroids, oil or praben or fragrances.

Civant claims that it has really preserved the ingredients such that the formulae does not get deteriorated by air, moisture or light.

I can guarantee that there is no burning or ichy sensation on application , and you will get used to it pretty quickly.

However I recommend avoiding sunlight as much as you can or otherwise use a high spf sunscreen along with it.

Most of the sunscreens available in the market are not good enough and I found civant’s sunscreen a lot more effective in combination with meladerm.


What are the ingredients used in Meladerm?

Civant has made sure that no harm comes from using their products.They have been really careful and selective in the ingredients used for making meladerm.Here are the key ingredients used in the formulae:

  • Bearberry Extract
  • Emblica Fruit Extract
  • Kojic Extract
  • Lemon Extract
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)
  • Vitamin C
  • Mulberry Extract
  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Gigawhite
  • Symwhite
  • Sepiwhite

 1. Bearberry Extract

Bearberry extract is a plant derived ingredient.It is extracted from Arctostaphylos or more simply the uva-ursi plant which gives birth to red berries.

It is really underrated in its ability to lighten skin and seems to be overlooked by a lot of people.

 Bearberry leaves contain phytochemicals that provides it with anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.Plus it is known to protect the skin cells from free radicals.

It contains traces of arbutin which might be what really gives it the ability to lighten skin.Arbutin stops melanin producing cell called tyrosinase.

Its one of the ingredients that makes Meladerm effective.

2. Emblica fruit Extract

Emblica is an ayurvedic herb also known as Amla , or gooseberry ,the fruit extract from this berry particularly found in India, is rich in antioxidants and flavanoids.

Its known for boosting immunity as well as for being anti-inflammatory.

3. Kojic Acid

Kojic acid will be familiar to a lot of people who use lightening products.It is derived from fungi known as ‘KOJI’ as pronounced in Japanese.

It is a by-product from the fermentation of rice.It is completely natural and generally used for treating ageing , sun spots and dark spots.

Kojic Acid also has anti-fungal properties that protect us from yeast infection or athlete’s foot.A lot of people use Kojic acid soaps for bathing to get the foresaid benefits.

Kojic acid is listed as one of the key ingredients that gives meladerm its effectiveness as per civant’s website.

4. Lemon Extract and Vitamin C

Lemon is a citrus fruit.Probably the most commonly used ingredient in this list.

Lemon contains high concentration of citric acid and should only be used alongside water if used for exfoliation.Otherwise you may risk yourself from skin burns.

But Lemon Extract is different , it is made from the zest of lemons and distilled in clear alcohol.It is used as a mean to treat hyperpigmentation. It works by increasing collagen in the skin.

Collagen if you don’t know is what helps the skin heal naturally from burns and cuts and what provides our skin its elasticity.

Our skin is naturally comprised of collagen.The more collagen you have, the younger you will look.

Lemon Extract and Vitamin C go hand in hand. Vitamin C supplements are taken by people who have less immunity and is very much essential to our lives.

Certain diseases that occur frequently like the common cold may be an indication of deficiency of vitamin C.It is normally found in fruits like mangoes, oranges, guavas and has skin lightening properties.

It may cause irrittaion on the skin if not used in the right amounts.Meladerm is formulated with the right amount of Vitamin C such that its effective and causes no problem.

4. Licorice Root Extract and Mulberry Extract

Licorice is the common name for Glycyrrhiza glabra , that has a lot of properties concerning our overall body health. It is also know for its skin soothing properties and usage may result in evening out skin tone.

Glabridin, a component in licorice roots is an anti oxidant that soothes the skin especially in case of reddened skin.

Licorice also boasts capability of inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme known for producing melanin , as mentioned earlier.

‘licochalcone’ an anti-oxidant in licorice helps the skin balance oil and may help for oily skinned people.

Mulberry Extracts are derived from mulberry trees ,found in China and now produced in Europe as well. Its used as an alternative to hydroquinone and cosmetologists recommend using it as a natural skin brightener.

Mulberry roots are also proven for a whole lot of other benefits like reduced cholesterol and lower risks of cancer.

Meladerm cream is rich in mulberry extracts and is preserved well so you can be sure that you are getting all its benefits.

5. Vitamin B-3 ( Niacinamide)

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3 , one of the eight vitamin B types that the body needs to maintain good health.It plays a crucial role in converting our food in to energy.

In terms of skin care Niacinamide minimizes the enlarged pores in the and tightens those pores so that the skin becomes more firm.It is known to have properties that reduce wrinkles and dullness of the surface layer of our skin.

6. Alpha Arbutin

As the name itself says it is an alpha when it comes to its abilities.Perhaps the most important ingredient in meladerm.

ALPHA ARBUTIN is derived from blue berries, bearberries and cranberries and is a safe brightening ingredient recommended by dermatologists as an alternative to hydroquinone.

Alpha arbutin boasts properties that suppress melanin producing enzymes as well slowing down the process of pigmentation.

It is more like a prevention and a cure.It helps for post-inflammatory pigmentation as well as scars from break outs.

Meladerm ranks high in alpha arbutin creams consumed worldwide according to reports.


The two graphs above show results from the usage of alpha-arbutin for treating hyperpigmentation using two seperate case studies using random sampling method as published on the manufacturer website.

Graph1 (top)  :  An independent study on 80 women was done using , Alpha arbutin , Kojic acid , Beta Arbutin and hydroquinone at recommended levels. The study demonstrated that Alpha Arbutin and kojic acid provided more faster and effective results than other commonly used single components in treating hyperpigmentation.

Graph2(down) : Its a representation of a 3 month study conducted on 26 female volunteers that showed that Alpha-Arbutin minimizes the appearance of liverspots better than beta-arbutin at recommended usage levels. Liver spots are flat tan , brown or black spots on the skin common with age.The graph shows satisfaction quotients on how the component graded in reduction of liver spots according to the test subjects.

Disclaimer : the above information is as per published on the manufacturer website.

7. Gigawhite

Although the name may seem artificial it is actually derived from the alpine plants and used for its skin lightening properties.It is mostly consumed in a powder form for fading dark spots.

8. Symwhite and Sepiwhite

Symwhite can drastically improve dull complexion and like vitamin c , has good anti-oxidising ability.

Sepiwhite is another molecule that has been proven effective against pigmentation.It was developed through rigorous tests and analysis and is safe for consumption as per dermatological experts.

9. Rice Bran Protein, Soybean Protein, Oxido Reductases:

Rice bran protein is a plant protein derived from rice bran that helps treat multiple issues related to immunity and over all health.It is an active ingredient that reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes .


The above two graphs are indicative of the effectiveness of rice bran protein in treating pigmentation surrounding the eyes.

The first graph shows that the appearance of dark circles around the eye were reduced up to 35 % after 8 weeks of treatment using rice bran protein , Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Oxido Reductases at recommended levels.

The 2nd graph demonstrates a similar pattern where the appearance of eye puffiness was reduced up to 32 % as per observation, with 8 weeks of treatment using the same proteins at recommended levels.

What is meladerm cream used for?

Meladerm is mostly known for treating hyperpigmentation and melasma and is suitable for people suffering from other pigmentation issues like freckles and suntans as well.

The cream can fade hyperpigmentation with continuous usage.

For people suffering melasma , meladerm is a great choice.

Melasma is the skin discoloration faced by people living in hot and sunny areas as well as women when they go through hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Apart from melasma , it is effective for people suffering from dark spots , liver spots, acne scars , birth marks , age spots and  for treating those nasty freckles on your face as well.

One of the things that make meladerm unique is that it can be used on parts of the body like for lightening underarms and elbows for those desiring a more evened skin tone across the whole body.

How To Use Meladerm Cream ?

Its rather really simple . You just need to cleanse your face with a lot of water.Don’t rub your face just use a nice piece of cloth to absorb the water from your face after washing.

I recommend Washing with lukewarm water as it helps open your skin pores so that the cream gets better absorbed.Don’t make it too hot.

After drying , press the top of the dispenser twice slowly , and you will have just enough to cover your face.

Pressing too fast can lead to a lot of the cream coming out.Then apply meladerm gently all over by letting it reach every nook and corner of the face.

A word of warning : avoid getting it in to the eyes.

That’s it and please be careful not to wash it off quickly, leave it on for as long as you can.

If you are going out apply an even layer of sunscreen as meladerm makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun.

It is recommended to use the cream twice daily in the morning and evening for best and faster results although applying once is also enough.

Does Meladerm Provide Permanent Results?

Generally for most people hyperpigmentation occurs on the epidermis, meaning the outermost layer of the skin and the issue may not have affected deeper sections  of the skin making it responsive to topical creams like meladerm.

So going with science and logic , yes the results from meladerm will be permanent but it should be mentioned that sun exposure should be limited as much as you can to maintain the skin from producing melanin and developing pigmentation.

Meladerm Cream: Side Effects

Don’t be surprised when I say Meladerm is free of side effects.

Most people don’t experience any problems while using it .

But the cream does cause irritation particularly for the dry skin types.

If you have really a full dry skin , then applying the cream will only make it worse.It will leave your skin more hardened.

But if you have mixed skin type like a combination of oily and dry or if you are normal skin typed then you have nothing to worry , just go for it.Meladerm will work wonders for you.

civant meladerm review: final take

Meladerm’s Results depend a lot on your skin conditions and type.

People who review the cream negatively mostly mistake it to be a skin whitener , or are those with more darker skin , as it is really hard to see results in short time in darker / black skinned people,since it works really slow , from underneath the skin cells and by increasing the skin cells turnover gradually over time.

For black skinned people , the pigmentation run deep as there is more melanin producing enzymes, so need more time to lighten.

Although the cream is mostly reviewed positively over the internet, don’t take it as a one size fits all solution particularly if your skin problems run deep.

But it is most definitely worth a try plus you have nothing to lose since it is completely natural and free of hydroquinone and mercury.

You have to be really patient, it took me almost 2 months to see noticeable results.I was on the verge of giving it up but I kept it going and it has given me a more evened skin tone.

The fact is you can’t find a much better skin care product than Meladerm that offers the best results with no risk involved.

You might see better results than me depending on your skin type and if you go for twice a day.I was only applying at night.

The company claims people may get results within 2-4 weeks but I highly doubt so.It usually takes 1 month or more to start seeing results.

I am sorry that I could not put my own before and after picture for my review.As I told you I wrote this just to put things right and clear misconceptions concerning meladerm cream.

Can you buy Meladerm in Stores?

Unfortunately, meladerm is not available in any retail or shopping outlets anywhere, be it the US, India, or any other country. If any retailer is selling meladerm , then it would not be an authorized source. The only way to buy the cream is through the civant skincare website or online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

I really think that Civant is missing out on a lot of customers by not distributing it in retail trade, especially in countries like Pakistan , Nigeria , Ghana where meladerm seems to be high in demand.

Meladerm Cream : Price in India

 I bought my first bottle from amazon. I got it delivered to my place in Kerala at the price of INR 8499.Its still sold at a similar rate.I am selling Meladerm on my website , and I wouldn’t press you to buy from me as then this would be a marketing gimmick instead of being a review.Its up to you, if you want to buy from me or not.

You can check the product Plus we offer a 15 percent discount if you sign up on the homepage.

we sell a whole lot of other makeup stuff and ship it almost anywhere in India and we offer express delivery as well.

I wouldn’t recommend buying meladerm from amazon India as the sellers are money hungry and the cream is priced ridiculously high there.

One time I saw someone selling it for 10000.So if you can get it for anything close to INR 7500 then its reasonable.

The reason I wont recommend their website is that once it arrives ,Indian post charges 42 percent customs duty , so you might end up paying more than INR 8000 after all charges including shipping and duties.

This has happened to me many times so its better to buy from online retailers in India.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to wait around a month to get it if you are buying it from registered retailers like I just mentioned rather than buying it from Civant website as shipment usually takes 1 month to reach from US to India and faster shipments cost as much money as much as the product itself.

If you have used meladerm before, comment below your experience whether you would recommend it and if it works for pigmentation issues or you could suggest some alternatives that could benefit other readers as well.Its the user’s opinion that matters the most. Cheers!

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