French Cosmetic brands in India

French cosmetic and skincare brands have always left a mark in India. Though these french beauty products are a rarity in India, you can still get them online. I have gone through a lot of reviews online. And I have come up with a list of the top french beauty brands.

These French skincare brands like Vichy, Avene are not officially sold in India. But these are sourced by independent sellers. At the same time, any of you reading these need not be disappointed. I have personally verified these websites and sellers by ordering these myself.

So I guess the French aren’t just famous for their hair alone but their flawless complexion as well.

One reason I recommend buying these is that they are the best. Even though most of them are pricey, this is as safe as they can get for your skin.

Another reason is that these beauty products cause less irritation on your skin. Best stuff for acne people I say. ( By the way, if you want to know about skincare products with fewer side effects, do check out my other articles as well.)

Plus who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the secret Vichy water.

Now without further ado, let’s get straight into it. I will be going through the best products one by one. And I will be listing out the pros and cons as well. Plus I will mention places where you can get them online in India.

1.Vichy: Best of French cosmetic brands in India

The crème de la crème of skin care brands. Vichy is a French dermo-cosmetic skincare brand founded by Dr. Haller. He discovered the ability of the Vichy volcanic water to improve skin conditions. That’s why it’s branded dermal and cosmetic at the same time.

Is Vichy a good brand?

yes. Now, why are they so good? Because they are really serious about skin conditions. The Vichy products that we use are engineered through research and information related to our skin. Apparently, they have turned their discoveries about skincare into a pioneering science. It’s called “skin exposome science”. so what are these discoveries about skin?

I went through their website. They say that our skin condition is the combination of multiple influences: environmental, behavioral, and hormonal. And above all, it is the cumulative influence of these factors that accelerates our skin’s aging.

Is Vichy made by L Oreal?

yes, L’Oréal is the parent company of Vichy Laboratories. Loreal might have acquired Vichy company later own.

Why is Vichy not available in India?

Unfortunately, Vichy is not sold officially in India. But you can get it online through multiple sources. You can buy Vichy products from our own website if you like. We provide cash on delivery as well.

If you are crazy about this french cosmetic brand, you can follow Vichy on instagram.

2.La Roche Posay: Sunscreen and more

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