Depression from covid-19

Amidst the pandemic of SARS-2 covid-19 , another more serious health issue is brewing up in homes, the depression from joblessness and worries of uncertain future prospects.For most of us reading this post even though times have been difficult , we have enough in the coffins to see us through till the end of the pandemic ( hopefully it ends). And it would require a strong and effective vaccine with few or no side effects for that foreseeable future to occur. But for those factions of the population who haven’t been so lucky , treading through this contagion and towards a future that looks bleak is proving to be extremely difficult.Yes, I’m talking about depression.

A mental health problem like depression isn’t taken care of or paid much attention to like physical health problems. Datas show present generation are more likely to encounter depression at some point in their lives.Its even more dangerous when people disregard or ignore it.How many times have we seen or heard in the news people craved by society like artists , actors , other celebrities committing suicide over mental health issues.With the advent of social media and in an ever more connected world, most teens spent their days cutoff from the outside environment , engrossed in the digital world.So its no wonder why these guys become mentally ill.

Its only natural that in a situation like these ,during lockdowns , depression and other forms of metal illnesses increase.But what hope have those who are vulnerable have,.If we are taking the case of India, govt actions have been terribly below par in thwarting the situation.Now the country is on its way to be the no.1 covid infected nations with daily spikes of 80000 cases.

So in times of desperation and solitude, what can we do to to negate the situation.Talk to people as much as you can.When you communicate with others over whats going on inside your mind, it alleviates some of the pressure you feel.It could be family or friends or whoever that makes you feel good talking to.

what other options do we have, reducing time spent on digital screen may have a positive effect.

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