Best Skin whitening cream without side effects in India

Skin whitening is a topic that’s way too much popular in India.It has a lot to do with how Indians perceive or their obsession with fairer skin.

The dark side of skin whitening is when people stumble upon creams and lotions that are too risky and carry extreme side effects like those containing ingredients like mercury , hydroquinone.

But I’m someone who believes there are less dangerous ways that can help you lighten your skin tone and emit the natural radiance of your skin.

No , I’m not talking about bleaching creams but creams that are certified by dermatologists , with a good user base , positively reviewed and no side effects whatsover.

So I have compiled a list of creams that can whiten your skin , with almost 98 percent organic formulation , and having no side effects whatsover.

Now before we go in to the list , I like to make a few disclaimers , I am not a dermatologist, I don’t prescribe any drugs or medications , and anything I recommend is based on my personal opinions, views and understanding.But I do like to say , I am a skin care enthusiast , I only try products after putting in my own kind of research.

I have collected reviews from a lot of websites like amazon , and consulted with dermatologists , and contacted some users as well in preparing this list. I just want this to be as helpful as possible for my readers.I have tried some of these and that’s one of the key reasons I recommend these.

Now without any further ado, lets get in to it.

1. Meladerm by Civant Skin Care

 A lot of you might have heard about this one.Civant meladerm is a skin lightening cream , developed by a company called Civant Skin Care in The US.The one thing that seperates meladerm from the rest is that it works and I mean it really works.

Its the best topical treatment out there that treats hypepigmentation , melasma ,freckles , dark spots , sun spots , age spots and more. Plus you can use meladerm for lightening your under arms and parts of the body as well.

Meladerm is 100 % natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and does not contain any fragrances, phthalates, sulphates or artificial fragrances. It’s free of hydroquinone and mercury as well.

Why I Recommend Meladerm

You ever heard about these things called melanocytes. Well you should be aware of them. Melanocytes are the cells located on the lowest layer of the skin’s epidermis.And inside these cells the enzyme tyrosinase synthesizes tyrosine to melanin, the pigment or the color of our skin.


Now I don’t wanna go all scientific here , but what meladerm does is it inhibits tyrosinase , and so less melanin is produced equating to a lighter skin tone.

Another good thing about meladerm is that it clears the dead skin cells and gives a rejuvenated look to your over all skin tone.

Plus the composition of the cream is completely natural , with key ingredients being bearberry extract , licorice roots , lemon , vitamin c , niacinamide (vitamin B3) , emblica fruit extract , kojic acid and mulberry.

meladerm before and after image


Any side effects?

I am not lying when I say meladerm does not have any side effects and this comes not based on just my experience but a whole bunch of other users I contacted as well. But people with dry skin have faced irritation as they feel it causes their skin to dry up and lose moisture.

From that I have come to the conclusion that its best  suited for oily or combination skin type. If you have dry skin , you might want to skip it.

How much time to see results?

The company claims you can see results with 2-4 weeks of usage. For me it took 7 weeks to see noticeable improvement of my acne scars.On average it might be around 6-8 weeks considering male skin is harder to penetrate.

For a full in-depth review on meladerm , you can check my post here.

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