Author: Mohammed Haris

Depression from covid-19

Amidst the pandemic of SARS-2 covid-19 , another more serious health issue is brewing up in homes, the depression from joblessness and worries of uncertain future prospects.For most of us reading this post even though…

The socio-economic dilemma from covid-19

Covid-19 has obstructed our daily lives , created greater socio-economic divide and according to UN , will spur the world in to greater depths of poverty than in existence till now.Though the virus carries significant…

Best Skin whitening cream without side effects in India

The dark side of skin whitening is when people stumble upon creams and lotions that are too risky and carry extreme side effects like those containing ingredients like mercury , hydroquinone.

Civant Meladerm Reviewed for melasma and black skin type

After using it for about 6 months , I have decided to write a review on meladerm, one of the most widely know pigmentation creams. It is formulated by a company called Civant Skin Care…

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